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Corrected herself as she remembered Mickey and his friends. They all peered out the kitchen window at the shaded grave near the back of the yard and the large dog lying beside it, buy youtube views his head unmoving as it rested on his front buy youtube views paws. No one spoke as they followed Matti into the first floor bedroom where she had slept. Happy that the scavengers were only after food, she recovered the extra pants, underwear, socks and shirts she inherited from Kathy's mother. Before leaving the house for good, probably never to return, Matti led the way up to Kathy's room. She noticed the buy youtube views water level in the tub of the hall bathroom was down a few inches. Pondering, she decided the scroungers must have filled some containers, but they must be staying in a better place, so they'd just return when they buy youtube views needed to refill. Made the most sense. Glad to see they hadn't just drained the tubs. There would have been no reason to do it except meanness, and, of course, there was plenty of that around. She could imagine someone like Mickey doing it after satisfying his youtube own need. With Emmie and Charlie waiting just inside the bedroom door, Matti paused at the wheelchair and rested her hand on it. Well, Kathy, I wish-- Suddenly, sounds of pounding footsteps outside brought her from her reverie, and she looked out the window. At first, she saw only two men running side-by-side down the middle of the street. When she poked her head past the remaining curtain, she saw four more about a hundred feet behind the first ones. The situation was pretty clear from the way they waved their knives. When the staccato of shoes on pavement grew louder and with the addition of shouted curses and threats, Charlie and Emmie joined Matti at the window. The two men had gotten only a youtube few feet past Matti's window when they slid and stumbled to a stop. They glanced back and forth between the men approaching from behind and two more coming around the next corner. After only a few seconds, while the small one stood panting with his hands on his knees, his much larger companion dashed over to the burned house straight across the street and wrenched loose a five-foot length of a scorched two-by-four stud. Still swiveling his head to watch both groups as they moved in at a walking pace, the big man cocked his weapon over his shoulder. He must have said something to his friend, because the smaller one moved over to stand behind him. Matti half-turned from the window. Oh, god! It's another gang like Mickey's, and I don't want to watch the butchery. Those poor men. After a moment, Charlie said, There's liable to be some blood spilt, all right, but you might want to save some pity for those poor fellas doin' the chasin' that must not realize what they've gone and stepped in. Do you buy youtube views know them, Charlie? The others? Emmie asked. One of 'em. The big one. Oh, yeah, he replied with a crooked google grin and a shake of his head. And they're about to. Matti looked back down on the game still developing in the arena below. The big man was tall; nearly as tall as The Judge and about as old as Charlie, and he had a girth that belied his speed and agility. She could picture him wearing a lineman's uniform of one of the National Football League teams. In fact, with his massive belly and quick, unpredictable movements, he reminded her of a football: oval shape,